Thursday, January 31, 2013

Snow Day

We celebrated at the news of a school closure on Monday...I love school cancellations.  We had a ton of snow.  The kids instantly had plans of calling a friend over and playing with them in the fresh deep snow.  First, we had chores and an appointment to take Claire in for immunizations.  After spending nearly an hour shoveling, trying to make sure we could get out of the driveway, we were off.  (p.s., why do shot days always fall on snow days?)
But, it ended up fruitless.  We got stuck.  We were stuck pretty good, in our own driveway.  Jed my husband, and Jed the neighbor got us unstuck, and we just nestled our car right back into the garage.
Then, I broke the news to the kids:  no friends for the day.  But I was actually really happy about that.  :)
So we played a game with spelling words/random facts, danced, did chores, and then when the snow calmed down we went out and enjoyed it.  The sky was so beautiful and bright blue!  That is so rare in winter.  I love having lots of snow.  If you're going to have any, you might as well have lots.  I think it just makes everything seem so cozy.  ;)

I love huge piles of snow!!
 Eat away my friend, it's fresh.
 Snow babies.
Trudging around in the deep deep snow.
 The cutest perfect little snowballs, thanks to the little girls' snowball makers.

Then when everyone was chilled enough, they came in for a hot lunch.  Then onto the next activities!
We planned to perform a couple of skits.  Drew wrote one and Madelyn wanted to act out little red riding hood.  
They are making their own scenery.
 Hannah and Lily each had to color their own poster too.
Hannah is the granny, I think she makes a pretty darn cute one.  (They also got all of the sound effects and costumes ready themselves).  
I didn't get any more pictures of the skits.  I was in the skits, making them a little difficult to photograph.
Claire was the audience.

Drew wrote his own skit,  I just want to record it.  So here it is with all of the original everything:
School Time
1st day of school
At home:
Fred:  I don't want to go to school!
Mom:  You hafe to go to school
Fred:  o.k.

At school:
Fred:  Aaaa chooooo!!!
Teacher:  what's wrong.
Fred:  I'm allirgict to something
Teacher:  You better go home.
Fred:  o.k.

At home again:
Doctor:  You are allergict to something Fred.

In morning:

Mom:  Fred wake up time to go to school.
Fred:  o.k.

At school:
Fred:  Aaa choo!
Teacher:  You are allergict to something at school.
Fred:  I have to go home.

At home:
Mom:  You are sneezing every time you come home from school.
Fred:  I know what I am allergict to!
Mom:  What!
Fred:  I am allergict to school!


  1. What a fun filled day! Great idea to do the skits and Drew's was pretty awesome!

  2. So cute! My kids wish they had snow!