Monday, January 28, 2013

Comic relief...

  A couple weeks back, we had a snow day with all of the children home.  It was that day that I also decided to take everyone in and see if there were enough flu vaccines for all of us.  Unfortunately, there were only enough for 3 of us.  Anyway, the rest of the stay at the office was rather exciting.  Lots of bouncing off the walls, whining--some of them were there for a shot after all, and crying--post shots.  Feeling exhausted after calming everyone down and gathering all of the children and belongings back into the car, it felt like I had just run a marathon.... Then, we headed home. 
   In the car, out of the blue, I hear Hannah's little excited voice:  "Hey guys!  How about we have a contest to see whoever can get their boogers out first!!!"
   If that was not enough to send myself into great surprise laugh I hear, "I did!.........I won!!!"
                Oh my goodness!  It was so hilarious and lightened me right up after feeling worn out at the doctor's office.  
It still gets me. Every time.  ;)


  1. That's hilarious! I love reading your blog.

  2. I really have been reading--but this time I am on my computer and it does better leaving comments! My ipad will not let me for some reason! Anyway, so funny and gross!