Wednesday, April 29, 2009

SpRiNgTiMe EqUaTiOn


Sorry for the gruesome picture.....but it has just amazed me how many bandaids we have been through in the last few weeks!! I guess their excited selves get their legs moving faster than they can handle!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

TiMe FLieS

We had a great time in the SUN today!! We took our kids to one of our favorite places to visit: the zoo. It was beautiful weather and we had a great day devoted to having FUN!! We saw all sorts of animals. Some of our favorites: goats, red panda (they are a lot more exciting after getting acquainted with Master Shi have to see Kung Fu Panda to know what in the world I am talking about), monkeys, the otters (what a stress free life they lead), and the wallabys. I felt I had a connection with the wallaby mom; both of us were wearing our babies.

Here is a snippet of Easter. With a little encouragement Drew found his Easter basket in the oven. Easter just happened to be Drew's birthday too!! Happy Birthday Drew, we love you!!

Jed, Madelyn, Drew, and Grandma Ruth were a bit "Ruthless" at the zoo and ended up getting caged. Everyone looks exhausted, but Drew looks ready for more!

Have you ever seen someone having such a keen time with a measuring cup?! I don't know why people ever invest in baby toys. Babies interest in them is so limited, but as for kitchen tools? The fun is endless!!
I had so many pictures to post, but computers are so quirky, some of them didn't end up coming through. Computers give me gray hair. We have been busy lately, summer time does end up being a busy time for our family. We usually spend long nights working on our house. All the sudden life has just taken off without me and I have had to weed some things out that aren't necessary. It is so easy to load yourself up on good things....but they are not always the best things. That is why I didn't go back and try to salvage my other pictures for this post, it didn't end up being the "best" thing for my time right now!!
Some other things our family has been involved in recently: we went skating as a family for our ward party. Drew loved it!! I regret not bringing my camera to that. Drew's b-day was last week, as was Easter. We listened to General Conference the week before while we re-arranged our house. We traded bedrooms in our house so the kids have the big bedroom. It's worked out as smoothly as could be expected. By the way, I loved conference! It is so wonderful to hear from the leaders of the church and learn from their wisdom, experience, and inspiration. We've been spring cleaning outside and inside, feels so good!! The kids and I have been going out to work on our house more now that we have better weather. It's been fun. Things are starting to move! For us anyway!! We finished the electrical work and Jed drilled our well last week. What a pro. Our water is "well" made, it was a job "well" done--you can tell we're pretty practiced on well puns. It makes me laugh, even though it's not really funny...if that makes sense....