Friday, July 18, 2014

Easter 2014

 This was so long ago, details are fading...but I will do my best!
During the Easter season this year, I was much more on the ball in certain areas.  I finally got around to doing our yearly activities more spread through the week, so I wasn't trying to cram a bunch of stuff in in one or two days......
 The kids love doing these chickie cupcakes every year.
And the Easter bunny came on Saturday we have wanted him to do for a few years! 
And the kids got Easter clothes, just as I've been wishing for several years too!!
They were so excited! 
 Drew may have been slightly less excited about getting clothes as the girls...but it was necessary.
 Brotherly love.....

 We go to Swan Valley every year for the easter egg hunt, this time we just headed up for the day.  We had a little time to kill before the hunt started, so we played at the school's toys.  It was fun to be there all together enjoying a brisk spring morning.  It was definitely a plus to have their Dad at the park with us, usually its just the kids and I. He just makes things even more fun!

 Claire was being a daddy's girl that day, which melts her daddy's heart.
 It was a great hunt!  They got lots of treats as usual!

We squeezed in a little hike, we love hiking together.  We found a new little place and gave it a go.
 There were fun things to explore, and Hannah found a sign of spring!
 We made it to the top!!
 Beautiful views!!  Love this place....
 We came home and dyed eggs, which is always a whole mess of fun!  ;)
 We always have an ugly egg contest and make a dollar egg for the family egg hunt.
The day of Easter was a little stressful.  The wards in our stake got split and created a new ward which we are in.  So Easter Sunday was the very first meeting in the new ward.  And guess who got to speak???  Yep, me.  I was the very first speaker in the history of our new ward.  Jed got called into this new ward's bishopric as the 2nd counselor.  He had the same calling in our old ward, and the responsibilities got divided so that he is in charge of the same things that he was before.  So that is nice for him.  But Jed recommended that the Bishopric's wives get to speak that first day.  So he got off the hook......  :)  But not for long.  He spoke the next week.  So this was a crazy busy time for us, as Jed fulfilled his calling in the old ward, but also fulfilled the new calling in the new ward and meeting under cover, frantically trying to fill callings and responsibilities and organize everything......
We had known for a couple weeks before it was announced of all the changes, and so the week before Easter, we knew was our last week in our old ward. 
That Sunday (the week before Easter) was one to go down in the books.....Lily had thrown up in the night and Hannah had just thrown up before Sacrament meeting and was feeling a little lethargic.  But here it was our last Sunday in that ward, plus Jed was speaking, and Madelyn was to give a talk in unintelligently I decided to forge on and go anyway.  She did pretty good, until the meeting was over.  She threw up all over the pew!!  We took care of things, I took them all  home...only upon our arrival at home we noticed Claire had a nasty of nasty diaper blowout all over her and in the carseat! 
That evening was the stake meeting where they were announcing all of the changes to the wards, and afterwards Jed was being set apart.  Once again, I just had to be there.....I guess I have a hard time with missing important things.  :)  So, naturally, I went.  :)  Things went pretty well through the meeting, but once again there was excitement in store.  After the meeting, we were talking to some friends around us when one of them points out that Jed has a nasty mess (from Claire's diaper) down his suit jacket and white shirt!  He hands her to me, which gets it all over my shirt and we did our best to cleanup in the church bathrooms.  And we show up to have the stake presidency set Jed apart along with the new bishopric members, smelling poorly and slightly wet!  Awesome. 
Just one of those awesome motherly days!!  :)
But back to Easter, the rest of Easter Sunday was nice and pleasant and I felt like we could focus more on the Savior. 

We had our little family egg hunt upstairs, Claire loved finding the carefully placed low-to-the-ground eggs.  :)  It was a wonderful Easter!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Drew turned 10 months ago.....I've been so out of this recording life thing.  But it is time to get back!  Drew had a great birthday, says its the best one every year.  :) 

But before we get to the birthday.....I just had to record that Drew received first place out of the fourth grade, in a patriotic essay contest. 
It was pretty awesome.  We worked together on it, he wrote it, I just helped him edit it.  It was a great learning experience and a nice mom/son project.  He did awesome and he was really hoping to win.  It took awhile for the results to come in, so long I had kind of forgotten about it.....but what a great surprise!
Now I'm going to have Drew come in here and write all about his 10th birthday:

On the night before my birthday, me and my dad went camping at the sand dunes it was really fun. While we were camping my mom and my sisters made a poster with candy!
After I read my note I started to open my presents!
My first present was some star wars legos.

The next present I got was a brand new motorcycle helmet !

I had a friend birthday party too! The theme was Olympics. We played dodge ball, foosball, and Ping-Pong! we ate pizza and for dessert we had root beer floats! We had Olympic rings on the pizza! My friends gave me legos!
My grandmas and grandpas came to our house! I got a long board and a book! They sang happy birthday and we had lemon cake with ice cream!