Friday, May 29, 2009

Family Fun

We had a lot of fun with our family the other weekend. We found a really fun place for a picnic. We had gotten some little fishing nets that CAL-Ranch gave out for free that Drew and Madelyn wanted to test out. No such luck on the fish, but they were able to clean out some ponds of their dead fall leaves!

Jed has been doing some work out of town and Drew was given the responsibility of being the "Man of the House." I was reminded of this often..... He was in charge of Family Home Evening and also assigning prayers. Then one day I was helping Madelyn with something and Drew decided it was time for lunch. I told him I would get to it in a minute. I came out and found this: Drew had cooked us all lunch!! It was a quesadilla with two slices of american cheese inside. Drew got four slices and Madelyn and I got two apiece. And we got a Go-Gurt. I loved it. This same day I had been trying to figure out why Hannah was so upset. I said " I don't know what the matter is.." Madelyn took this opportunity and said "Let me tell you something about babies mom. Sometimes babies wake up...and their bottoms are sore." Also, Hannah had decided this day that she didn't want me to feed her anything, including milk. She would handle everything herself. I began to think, what is my role here again? My kids are so self-sufficient!...

This is us at the same picnic I talked about before. It was such a beautiful day! We had a blast.

On Memorial Day weekend our family went on a little excursion. We went to Jed's family's cabin. We went on a fun four-wheeler ride with the kids, Drew and Jed went fishing with no luck, and we just had a good time. It was great. When we got home and Jed was unloading all the gear, the kids were loading up the trailer with their own kind of "toys." I thought it was pretty cute. To sum everything up can I just say that we LOVE the sunshine?!!

I also just have to write this down before I forget. The kids said the funniest thing the other day.
Madelyn: Dad is it tomorrow?
Drew: No Sis, it's yesterday.
Kids do say the darndest things!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

iT's HaRd To ShArE.... eVeN oN mOtHeR's DaY!

I just thought I would detail some of the highlights from Mother's Day. The best presents I received were: my kids singing in sacrament meeting. Last year when Drew was a sunbeam, he was too shy to go up on the stand. This year he was in charge of escorting Madelyn up onto the stand..heh heh. Even though our ways were tricky, he still dragged his heels! He stood up there the whole time with his head down. He would only glance up occasionally, but not with his whole head...just with his eyes...if you can catch that visual--it was pretty funny and cute. Madelyn, was so precious! She is just so petite and she loves to sing, it just melted my mother heart!
In Madelyn's sunbeam class, they made some edible flowers: a small dowel, with one of those oreo cookie rings at the top with a gummy candy ball underneath the cookie to keep the cookie secure, and on the top of the dowel and cookie was one of those colored mints that look like Hershey kisses--I love those! Anyway, there were three of them. Madelyn and Drew claimed two of them and then they gave me one, which was great with me. So Jed and I had some things to do at the church after the meetings were over and by the time we were finished I was eagerly looking forward to eating one of my flowers. But there was not a flower left for me! They ate it all gone. Pretty funny. Too much temptation. They also handed out some artificial flowers with the 2 Hershey kisses wrapped up in celophane (I'm sure that is mis-spelled!) in sacrament meeting to all the mothers, so to tame my sweet tooth after church I was digging into those when my two older youngens heard the crinkle and came running. So I gave everyone a kiss and kept one for me. Drew came to me awhile later and told me he had a surprise for me, it was "a surprise for bedtime." I figured he had made my bed, since that is my kids favorite service surprise. Hours later when it was time for bed, I pulled the covers away and found a pudgy, half-melted, Hershey kiss sitting on my pillow. I was confused at first, but then remembered the "bedtime surprise." Drew didn't eat the kiss I shared with him, but shared it back with me! I guess he felt pretty bad about the edible flower. I just thought that was so sweet! So that was favorite present number two!
Favorite present number 3 came from the littlest member of our family. Hannah said "MaMaMaMa!" How appropriate! It doesn't get much better than that!!
Favorite present number 4: I was given the opportunity to have a Sunday afternoon nap!! Naps on Sunday have been long gone for me. And if I ever try I usually fall asleep for 10 minutes and then can't go back to sleep! I thought that was what would happen this time, but two hours later......yeah, I guess I was pretty tired.
Thank you to my family for making my day so wonderful!! I just feel so grateful for each of you. I feel it is such an honor and privilege to be the mother of my three children.