Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Drew turned 10 months ago.....I've been so out of this recording life thing.  But it is time to get back!  Drew had a great birthday, says its the best one every year.  :) 

But before we get to the birthday.....I just had to record that Drew received first place out of the fourth grade, in a patriotic essay contest. 
It was pretty awesome.  We worked together on it, he wrote it, I just helped him edit it.  It was a great learning experience and a nice mom/son project.  He did awesome and he was really hoping to win.  It took awhile for the results to come in, so long I had kind of forgotten about it.....but what a great surprise!
Now I'm going to have Drew come in here and write all about his 10th birthday:

On the night before my birthday, me and my dad went camping at the sand dunes it was really fun. While we were camping my mom and my sisters made a poster with candy!
After I read my note I started to open my presents!
My first present was some star wars legos.

The next present I got was a brand new motorcycle helmet !

I had a friend birthday party too! The theme was Olympics. We played dodge ball, foosball, and Ping-Pong! we ate pizza and for dessert we had root beer floats! We had Olympic rings on the pizza! My friends gave me legos!
My grandmas and grandpas came to our house! I got a long board and a book! They sang happy birthday and we had lemon cake with ice cream!

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