Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Momentous Occasion

Something big took place around here.  I mean BIG.  
The other day  I asked Hannah about her thumb sucking situation.  I told her the dentist said that it wasn't likely she could stop sucking her thumb without giving up her comfort item:  her blankie.  
We wrote down several routes that she could take in preparation for the big event, and the one she chose???
Go cold turkey.
That's right.  
I could hardly believe it myself.
Let's just clarify.....she has been inseparable from that raggedy old thing, practically since birth...ok, maybe 3 months.....get the picture?
This was BIG.
So we planned a big shin-dig.
We came up with games, a menu, a tribute (yes, seriously), and it was all to be done that night!  
After I got her all excited and pumped.....
we sat and she cried.  We cried.  My little girl was doing something that seriously would rend her heart in two, and when your daughter goes through something like that, you do too.
So we cried some more.
And then we prepared a storage bin in the storage room especially for her blankie.
We did a photo shoot (I know it totally sounds corny, but this big of a choice totally merited all of it!)

And she did it, and it's been several weeks now without her beloved blankie.
I am proud of that girl, that is strength!!
We had a great party and we played games, wrote memories of the blankie, ate pizza, and sang a teary-eyed goodbye song, and put it away.  She has only gone to see it once.
I want to be strong like Hannah.


  1. I love this post!! Give Hannah a big hug from Aunt Pam!! I am proud of her too!!!

  2. Congratulations Hannah! Such a brave girl!