Friday, March 14, 2014

Love Day

We totally lucked out this year when the kids had Valentine's Day off from school.  We had been experiencing a bit of a warm spell, which left us with a pond in the front yard.  Then suddenly it froze again and left us with a personal ice skating rink in the front yard.  Sweet!  
So on Valentine's Day morning, we all went for a free ice skate.
I only got pictures of Hannah and Claire out there...

 The frozen leaves under the ice looked pretty cool.....
It was pretty great.
We also enjoyed our traditional Valentine's Day breakfast.  I love traditions.  
Heart shaped waffles, strawberries, whipped cream, and this time we added nutella.  Oh my was divine.  :)
A few simple decorations, pink milk, a little treat for everyone, and I'm still working on writing them each a Valentine........, I'll get to that pretty soon.  
Fun times.

 Madelyn's day-old heart hair-do from school.  It was a pretty cool one, but a little intricate for a crazy school morning! 

We made heart-shaped pizza (copying Papa Murphy's) and I made cheesecake filled red velvet cupcakes.  I was experimenting.....a lady down the road from me makes chocolate turtle cheesecake cupcakes that are seriously to die I was giving it my best shot.  They turned out good, and I ate too many, but then Jed brought me one of our neighbors cupcakes home from church the following Sunday (she brings them for the bishopric in her ward and ours.  super nice.) and mind didn't even come close.  Hers are divine.  But I visited with her and she is going to give me her recipe.  I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.  :)

I love days like Valentine's to give us little things to look forward to in the dead of winter.  ;)

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