Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Literally itching for warmer weather...

It sure seems like this winter our family has been hit a little harder with sickness.  No fun.  I have seen some pretty nasty sicknesses as a parent--but this one makes my heart ache a little bit more.  I think Claire caught this one from nursery.  Hand Foot Mouth Disease is no good.  It's a virus, so no antibiotics will work for it.  And you just wait it out.  Plus it is extremely contagious--Hannah and Lily promptly came down with the symptoms following Claire.  High fever, then a rash, then the rash turns into blisters--found mostly on the hands, feet, and the mouth.  Poor little tikes!  
This is poor little Claire's hand:
These blisters are all over the backs and fronts of their hands and feet.  It looks so painful.  Hannah, Claire and I had to stay home from church again, seems like this is a monthly thing lately, which I find hard. 
So needless to say, we can't wait for spring--and this is just another reason why.  We get little fresh breaths of spring, but I'm afraid it's not really here to stay for several more weeks.
So, we will be hanging out at home trying to get these kids better.  
Claire is still herself:
Still into mischief.  And I'm glad she seems to feel fine. 
But we still have to hunker down for about a week before it will not be contagious! 

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