Thursday, February 13, 2014

Drew's been busy...

Drew had his pinewood derby a few weeks ago.  And, I think he did an awesome job on his car.  He designed it, he even cut it out all by himself, sanded it, painted it, did everything.  I was so impressed!  He did a great job!  It wasn't the fastest one out there (that competition is stiff!), but I thought he did such a great job and learned a lot along the way.  Way to go Drew!!!

He also worked on a Native American art project and did an awesome job.  Here is the work in progress:
 I love that mini "buffalo" hide picture he made.  :)
  It was awesome to just be there to encourage him on these two projects and just see him run with them.
Good work Drew!!!

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  1. I need more scouts in my den like Drew!! Way to go buddy, those projects turned out awesome.