Monday, February 10, 2014

More trip...

Our last full day in California was Sunday.  We turned to to find us a church nearby, many of which were Spanish, but we found an English meeting not too far from our hotel.  The ward was extremely small.  Five children in primary.....three were ours.  :)  Someone was called in to open the nursery for Lily and Claire.  :) They were soo nice.  You could tell they were just hoping we were going to be permanent!  They sure made us feel welcome and at home.  It was a great experience. 
It is so different to experience a "city" Sabbath.  It is always bustling and moving and busy, but I love that amidst all of the busy-ness there is a beacon of peace.  vv
Right in the middle of the city chaos, is the peace of the temple.  I love it.
It was incredible how much property the church owns right in downtown L.A. 
We soaked in the beautiful surroundings.
Love those palms.
The Los Angeles temple is humongous, and once was the largest temple...and very well still could be. 
It is so big it really was a struggle to get the complete temple in my pictures!
And it is so incredible to see flowers and foliage in late December/early January!

The grounds were impressive and beautiful.
Claire loved being able to run around freely.  vv
Too cute!  vv
Surrounding city. vv

Beautiful city views. vv

Again touching the temple. vv
The Visitor Center there was very large and amazing.  By the time we came out, it was dark and we were able to see their Christmas Lights display.

And also able to catch the tail end of a beautiful sunset.
It was a beautiful Sunday in California.

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