Saturday, January 26, 2013


I'm a pretty serious "no-tolerance" mom when it comes to chewing gum.  It has to stay in the mouth, or that gum is a goner.  But, I'm not always around to police the gum chewing activities of my children.  So, we had our first serious gum related accident.  Hannah had a piece of gum intertwined permanently with her hair beyond repair.  Thank goodness it was not way up high on her head!
 So, out of necessity, we cut off about 4 inches of her hair!!
 There she is, hair 4 inches shorter, and waaay more healthy hair.  I think it looks really cute.
   Then check out that first picture, see Lily in the background?  Looking on, admiringly, and of course decided she needed a haircut too.  I only trimmed the very edges of her hair....  Then Madelyn too.  Then Drew also got his haircut.  
Jed and I got our haircut last week....
We've got new do's all the way around.

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