Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas Countdown...

We had a wonderful Christmas season.  I knew coming into it, it was going to be busy.  But I was ready for it, our Christmas shopping was probably 80% done by the time we flipped the calendar over to December.  
We felt free to enjoy the season with friend/neighbor gatherings, family celebrations, ward parties, and other fun things, and not feel too overwhelmed by it all. 
We made another Christmas countdown.  The kids all helped me put it together, but with an added twist that I loved.  On each link, we wrote down a different service to be completed that day.  They were all different, like:  write a thank you to a teacher, do something special for ______ (a member of our family), write a thank you to the bus driver, and my personal favorite....change a diaper.  :)  
They may not have all been completed perfectly, but we sure had a wonderful time doing what we were able to do.  It was so fun to do secret service for my children while they were away at school.  Things they had wanted me to do, but I hadn't been able to do at the time...I just saved those ideas until their special service day and they ended up being fun surprises.  I wrote a note to one of my influential teachers along with my children on the "thank a teacher" day, and he wrote back!  What a joy that was to hear from a wonderful mentor who taught me so much!  
I hope this tradition will live on for many years to come......
 The diaper one ended up on Christmas day.  I could have placed that one a little better.  ;)  With all the hustle and bustle and excitement of the day, that little service conveniently got pushed to the wayside.  No fear, this mother did not forget!  I have since collected a diaper change from Madelyn.  I'm still trying to convince Drew he owes me one...
What a wonderful way to keep our minds focused on serving every day of the month. 

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