Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas 2012

Our Christmas was quite laid back, beside the early rising part...well, I guess when you go to bed in the wee hours of morning, anything feels really early.  Drew and Madelyn woke us up at 6:30 (as we planned and decided to make the new rule) and we had to wake up Hannah, Lily, and Claire.  
There is nothing like children's faces on Christmas morning.

I love watching them discover the treasures in their stocking and seeing the presents that santa left.
It didn't take long before they were ready to open the gifts...
It's all so exciting and fun to watch.
Lily stripped down to the essentials to get ready for her new pajamas...
And there they are.  Elmo ones too.  Elmo (Nemo) is her favorite thing.

Snowball maker for the little girls, Hannah couldn't wait to see if it really worked!
The aftermath. 
 I tried to be patient with the disaster.  I just grazed our home for garbage all day long....
Some of the kids went out with Jed who pulled them behind the four-wheeler with sleds.  
He left me almost alone to cook the Christmas breakfast of pumpkin roll pancakes, hashbrowns, and fruit.  Yum.
Then after breakfast we all went out sledding together.  Jed gave us all a great ride on the sleds and I held the little girls for a big ride.  I decided I need a sled with shocks since I was sore for a couple days after.... :)
Grandparents came throughout the day to exchange gifts and see how Christmas treated us.
And we had a very casual Christmas dinner with ourselves, ham and rolls....oh, and tons of treats. 
 A good day.

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