Sunday, January 6, 2013

The real thing...

Finally, the day we have waited for....for years and years.  We have pretty much attended pinewood derby's since Drew was two, and finally it was his for the real deal!  
Drew knew exactly how he wanted to design his car, he wanted it to be Lightning McQueen.  He drew the pattern and then drew the design onto the car.  Jed cut it out for him and Drew sanded and sanded.  Jed helped on a couple things with the power tools, but other than that, it was all Drew's doing.  He painted it and applied the stickers.  Jed put some weights in it, but it wasn't until we went to the church that we got the weight right on and it was totally ready to go.  
On the first practice run down the track, I guess it didn't go so well.  Jed told Drew it probably wasn't going to win and Drew said "that's ok!"  He was just happy to participate.
 After the first real run down the track, it did awesome and took first out of the 4 cars.  We were completely surprised and the look on Drew's face was totally priceless.  On the following runs, it continued to do pretty well.  Not first place material, but definitely competing very well.
 It was so fun to watch.
 One little boy was so cute and said "I hope Drew wins.  Drew is my friend."  So cute!
Just watching that Drew run back and forth and get so excited when he would do well was so fun.  It is such a boost to those boys to feel like they have worked hard on something and for them to feel the excitement of it all is just so much fun.
He took third place overall! 
Way to work hard and have a good attitude Drew!

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