Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Little Lady Lessons

We've got a funny little tradition that has kind of stuck around here.  In fact....it just kind of gets a little bigger every time.  While the boys were away (scout day camp and work) the girls got a special invitation to come to "Little Lady Lessons."  They found little invitations all rolled up and tied with a bow left on the doorstep after the doorbell rang.  :)  
It is pretty simple really.  All little lady lessons is, is a celebration of being a little girl.  We talk about modesty, how special it is to be a girl, and some manners.  I read some quotes from our church leaders about the special it is to be a girl/young woman.
I secretly decorated while they were downstairs....and made mini smoothies and mini muffins.
They were so excited to find this when they came up:
Adding streamers and making things we normally eat into mini size sure makes it feel like a special occasion.  ;)
I sure hope my girls will feel how special it is to be a girl.  That they are special and loved.  That they are loved by their Heavenly Father and that with being a girl comes special roles and callings that they will one day fulfill. 
And those Little Lady Lessons have become a way that I try to instill that in them. 
And they seem to enjoy it!

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  1. You are an amazing mom, Jeannette Denning! Those children of yours sure are lucky!!