Monday, September 29, 2014

What I miss about summer...

Drew really hit scouts hard this summer.  He started working on his fitness pin, and made some amazing progress in not too much time.  ^^  I also love that a sister wrote a love note on his fitness chart, that apparently he mooshy love notes allowed on serious stuff I guess!
I was struggling to fit in my exercise with all the kids at home until I came up with a plan where I would run with Drew while Madelyn stayed with the others (who were mostly sleeping) and then we would trade off.  It was so so so perfect.  I got a decent amount of exercise in because I took each one out on a mile leg.  Plus, I got one on one time with those older two which is hard to come by in the summer.  Drew and Madelyn got to pass something off in their respective church activity booklets/scout book.   Just writing about it all makes me miss it! 
We were all ready to go for our Stake Pioneer Day mile run celebration when it came! 

 Here's my cute little pioneer day girls!
 Here we are all stinky and sweaty after our run in our wards designated black color, we are a new ward in the stake so we kind of got the last choice of color....
Drew pushed forward and came in with the first few finishers with a great time.
So we celebrated: 
 And we diligently kept up with our runs for the rest of the summer.  It was great!  Drew and Madelyn are the best running partners.  :)
This summer we had torrential rains for days and days on end.  But we kept running.  They were memorable runs.  :)  Soaked to the bone, and having a blast:
 On those rainy runs, counting worms kept us occupied and made the time fly!  :)
 I really miss those runs with some of my favoritest people ever.
 Speaking of rain, check these out:

That is some serious rain!!  Our yard has never been so green!  Or mushroomy......  It felt like I was getting flash flood warnings about every other day for quite awhile.
So now school is back in and I have yet to figure out another exercise regimen.  We tried to keep up with running at the beginning of school, and on that first day of school we ran before they left!  But the kids were exhausted by the time they got home from school.  So that idea went out the window quick as a flash. 
I'll figure it out.  But I sure love those summer running memories!

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  1. You are so clever at fining ways to connect with your children and exercise! Great memories!