Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Camping Trip of the Summer

It is something we look forward to, and it seems the first trip is always super fun.  Digging out s'more stuff once again.  Having more uninterrupted family time.  Getting practice starting campfires.  Brushing the dust off those motorcycles and having some good rides together.  Good times!  Just look at Lily's face with her gigantic marshmallow, I think she likes it.  ;)

 Hannah even got her first motorcycle lesson!  Pretty exciting.

 And of course, we enjoy soaking in the beauties of nature:

 And just letting those kids of ours romp and play and imagine to their hearts content:
The only drawback to early summer camping are those darn ticks.  After going for a motorcycle ride, or hiking we usually come home with about 7-8 between all of us.  Ick!!!

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