Thursday, September 4, 2014

Our own personal lake....

 We water our property with irrigation water.  But this summer we put in a sprinkler system, so so much work, but awesome.  Well, the water comes down our way every other week during the early parts of summer.  This one particular weekend, we got a lot of water, and then our neighbor's property overflowed into ours while we were gone.  We came home to a pretty serious lake!!  The kids immediately took to it and popped the canoe in there and ventured out in their own personal lake!
 It kept them busy and happy for quite a long time. :)
 The farmers around us looked painfully on, as we had way more water than was necessary.
In fact, we had more water than our yard could handle and it leaked into our basement, luckily, only I our utility room that isn't finished anyway.  But it kept us busy for a couple hours just constantly sucking water up in the shop vac.  Whew.  Glad it didn't do any permanent damage. 
When we watered the rest of the summer, we (and our neighbors) kept a much closer eye on the water level. 
Plus, it is crazy to see these pictures now, because up on that dirt bank there is now grass!  Hooray!

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