Thursday, September 4, 2014

Swimming Lessons

We started swimming lessons immediately following the first weekend after school let out.  It is a fun way to start things off for the summer.  For Han and Lil I missed their old teacher, man she was amazing.  But she told me to just request her next year.....definitely will.  :)
It was right after I took this picture of Lily that she took that barbell floaty thing and put it on the back of her neck with her arms hanging over it, which meant that the weight of her arms were actually pushing her head into the water.  Scared me to death, especially since the teacher was watching Hannah at the time.  I was just about to shout to get his attention, when he saw her.  She was fine, but she got really water shy the next week and wouldn't do a thing the teacher asked her to do after that.  Shucks.  :( 

My kids sure look forward to the last day of lessons, where they get unlimited use of the big waterslide and free ice cream.  
It's pretty fun for them.
So during lessons, Claire was my little buddy.  She got bored quickly watching everyone behind the glass, so we would venture outside most days.  We found lizards and one day a snake....eek!  
Then we would just walk around the beautiful surroundings together:
On the last day, even though she wasn't going swimming, she wanted to be in her "swimsoup" so I obliged.  She is such a fun little girl!

We got their ice cream cones and some fries to share that last day.  Another good round of swimming lessons!

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