Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Funny kids...

 Watching my children interact with each other this summer was so much fun (most of the time)!  It was so fun to have them share most of their time together and see what they come up with.  They were always up to something!  Like that tea party up above with our 5 gallon buckets....
 Sorry about the blur on this one, but seriously couldn't leave this one of Lily out.  Drew got fake mustaches as a birthday present and we were all getting laughs out them!
 So silly.... :)

 Some of the greatest moments ever are when you see your children doing acts of service for each other.  Makes my heart just bulge at the seams.  Drew got some mints and secretly left these little notes on everyone's pillows or beds.  Made his sisters' day!

Hannah asked me to take this picture of her silly face pizza.   
 These kids of mine heard the ice cream truck out on the road, and without even really thinking about it, they yelled out "We want ice cream!!!!"  And they called that little ice cream bus right into our driveway.  I guess that is one way to get what you want.   They got their cold treat.  :)

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