Sunday, August 24, 2014

End of School/Start of Summer

 Every year at the end of school, we have a school paper party.  All year long, I have the kids save their school papers and some of their projects in folders, and at the end of the year we scale it WAY back and they get to keep their favorites.  Some of the projects we take pictures of, and the rest we toss.  It feels so the end that is, I can hardly handle all of that paper disaster.  But that is how we handle the school paper thing here.
Usually a week or so before school lets out, we make a bucket list of things we want to do in the summer.  I don't handle the "I'm bored" thing with very much grace, so this is one of our antidotes.  I also love going places with the kids and having fun...
So here is our fresh bucket list for summer:
 The last day of school is a huge celebration.  We tried making rainbow pancakes, and as fun looking as they were, I think we'd rather make another celebratory breakfast.  Too much time, plus I'm not a fan of pancake mix, but they sure were cute!
 The kids did like them and think they were awesome, but I think they kind of felt the same way as me.  We'd rather eat something else, but it was fun to try! 
 After they got out of school that day I whisked them away to have a special picnic lunch!  We got Subway sandwiches and headed over to a park all together.  It is SO much fun to have the kids all together at the park. 
 And it is nice that Claire has a big brother who can take her on stuff like this when it just makes me sick:
 Drew is an awesome big brother:
 So fun to be together at at last!!!  Love summer!

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