Sunday, August 10, 2014

Claire's Birthday!

My baby is two!!  Where does the time go??
Here is my little two year old sleeping beauty:
 I just had to get the side view too, because she was sleeping with her little bottom sticking right up in the air!  :)
 We woke her right up so she could open presents before her Dad had to leave for work.
She thought this personal pool was cool stuff...

 Our birthday banner:
 We had these mini oven pancakes which are a major favorite around here, but they just seemed perfect for little Claire's birthday breakfast!
 As soon as we were able, we popped that little pool into the yard and filled it right up!
This was awesome to her, because at this time her siblings were all in swimming lessons and she just had to sit and watch them every now it was her turn!
 But she was grateful to have some sisters to splash around with.  ;)
 For her birthday, I made the famed chocolate turtle cheesecake cupcakes.  They are not famed because of me, but because of my neighbor down the road.  She came up with this recipe, and oh man are they heaven! I'm not sure if mine were quite as good as hers, I think when you don't make something, it gives it that added bonus of deliciousness because you just get to enjoy it!  These were quite a bit of work, but the payoff was pretty darn good.  So they are filled with cheesecake filled chocolate cupcakes, with delicious chocolate frosting, homemade caramel, and candied walnuts on top.  Whew!   
This little sweetheart knew that it was her special day!  She was so so cute, gracious, and sharing.  It was so sweet. 
 This little girl is such a fun sweetie!  Love her so much!

 She kept wearing her gift bags like purses and took them everywhere she went!

She loved that birthday SO much, that it was hard to let Lily have one by the next week when it was Lily's turn!  She still asks to watch video clips of her birthday on my phone all the time.  :) 
That Claire is one special girl.
She loves her family so much.  "Dew"  "Shishee"  "Nanny"  "Yiyee" are her best friends and biggest fans!  They all love that Claire!!
She is such a sweet snuggler.  Drew and I still fight over those morning snuggles.  :)  She brings us so many laughs!  We love to hear how she says words like:  baby wohm, doosh (juice), now (milk), bee (blankie), yiyon (her favorite stuffed lion), behbeh (ClaireBear) her nickname and the name she calls herself, ubba (grandma/grandpa), suvvy (fuzzy, which is also the way Lily says it), ehmo (the name she gave Madelyn's gigantic stuffed giraffe, etc.
Love her SO much! 

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