Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Endless sand....

 Going to the sand dunes has been on our summer bucket list for the last couple years.  We ran out of time to go there last year, so going this year was a must. 
And we enjoyed ourselves there.

Seeing this much sand is pretty incredible, it is a child's dream come true.  It really didn't take long for them to take right to it and run off:
 The imaginations went wild:

 And of course there was sledding down the gigantic dunes:
 And there was picture taking:

 And beauty to take in and enjoy:

Drew and his buddy were pretty proud of their creation: 
Dad is great!  He gives me squeezy cheese straight out of the can!, says Claire in this picture: 
 We ate hot dogs and chips, then hit the sand one last time.
 The colors in the sky were amazing.....

 This one is blurry, but just too cute not to post.  Daddy and little Claire:
 Time to head back to the car...
 But not without one last hurrah for the sand dunes!!


  1. Jeannette!! I lost your number and I don't know how to track you down. If you get this, give me a call sometime! I would love to get together!