Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Teaching Moments...

A few weeks ago, we received some hand-me-down dresses from a kind friend.  One of the dresses was Madelyn's size, but the style was knee length.  She was so excited to wear it and asked if she could, I looked at it and said, "yes, but I think we will need some lady lessons first."  It took a week or so to get around to it, but one Saturday, Lily, Hannah, and Madelyn all gathered in the living room with me for some "Little Lady Lessons."
Some teaching moments come on their own, others you have to create.....this was one of the latter.  Sometimes a little effort goes a long way. 
To start us off, we had a mini lesson out of the "dress and appearance" section of the For the Strength of Youth.  
Sometimes lecturing doesn't sink in, but this was just different enough and fun that I could see in Madelyn's eyes she was "getting" it.  It's the greatest feeling, when you feel like you are making a connection with your child about something you feel is deeply important.
We talked about how to sit like a lady, what Heavenly Father's standards are for modesty, how to be modest in a shorter length skirt, and what a difference having good posture makes.
I remember my own mother teaching me to be a lady, and I'm not a perfect one by any means, but those are lessons that have stuck with me.
Hannah and Lily became disinterested, which was fine, but Madelyn stuck with me soaking it up until the very end--and she loved it.
Not only did she love it in the moment, but she is doing what we discussed and learned about.  She definitely is turning into "a little lady."  Love that girl...

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