Thursday, April 11, 2013

Random Fun...

 Lily helped me make a whole lot of jam the other day, she was quite the help.  It was rather fun because Claire was down for a nap, and Hannah was at preschool.  She was quite the little stirrer/pourer/strawberry blender.  It was good to spend some time together and to have some one on one time with my little big helper!
 It always seems like jam should last longer than it actually does...that might last a month and a half?
 We had some diaper boxes lying around the house and of course the kids came up with a crazy fun way to make good use of them.
 baby/toddler car races!!
 Drew and Madelyn decorated and personalized them for their occupants. Claire's was the "cutie" car, and Lily's was the "most beautiful car ever."  It was quite the activity that entertained all of the kids at once!

 We enjoyed a wonderful and beautiful spring break last week.  We celebrated 2 grandparents birthdays, played at the park, went to the library, had our Easter celebrations, had a picnic and ate hamburgers and ice cream, and went to where their dad was working and played at the school playground.
(It's so nice to have big kids who help push the younger ones!)

 We couldn't have asked for better weather during spring break.
 Claire loves exploring the out of doors...
 and I snagged whatever it is that she was stuffing her mouth gotta watch that girl....

 I think Hannah's artwork is adorable....and so does Madelyn.
I think it is so sweet that Madelyn decorates her school binder with Hannah's artwork!  Those are pictures she drew of Madelyn, you can be sure of that because of the curly hair and earrings.  :) 
 Now that I'm in scouts I've sort of reclaimed Tuesday nights with my kids.  We vote on the activities to do together.  We bake cookies, have airplane flying contests, games, or read chapter books together.  I love being back with my kids on that night to enjoy a laid back night of fun.
 Here is our airplane flying night:

 We also hid plastic easter eggs...

 Ok, so this might be the most random.....but it sure was fun.  Hannah, Lily and I stumbled upon playing finger puppets with play-dough.  It was so much unexpected fun that we played it for over an hour!
 We drew faces on our fingers, which they thought was a hoot.  We crafted hats for them too...
 Hannah made her little girl have pig tails.
 It just kept getting more and more involved...
 Then Drew and Madelyn came home from school and we had a full blown boutique going on for the girls.  We designed clothes and hair....and Drew made his own soccer man complete with a whole soccer field, entirely aside from the whole girly thing.  But we played that for over an hour and a half!! 
Simple and unexpected fun.
 Drew dressed his little sisters up in his soccer gear:
 My favorite picture:
LL cool H

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