Friday, April 12, 2013

Book Recommendation....

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending a Stake Relief Society birthday celebration.  It was a wonderful meeting that left me changed.  We had two amazing speakers:  Kitty de Ruyter Bons and Barbara Thompson--formerly in the Relief Society general presidency.  
Sister de Ruyter Bons spoke about a book that she wrote that captured her experiences as a young girl whisked away from her pleasant life in Indonesia to a concentration camp run by the Japanese during WWII.  It was an emotional story and I was in tears several times, but completely in awe of this lady's mother intuition and her faith.  Not to mention the fact that Sister de Ruyter Bons has made a wonderful life despite the horrendous experiences of her youth.  It was such an incredible story, so I have checked out her book so I could remember details of the story a little better and sink what I learned from that meeting a little deeper into my heart. 
The book is heart wrenching and not sunshine and butterflies, yet extremely faith promoting.  I have felt from hearing the story (now two times) that our faith can truly carry us through anything.

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