Thursday, April 11, 2013

A favorite weekend...

 We had such a great conference weekend last week!  I seriously love that weekend so much.  Our kids do too, but I'm not sure our motivations are exactly the same....   They look forward to hearing the prophet and other leaders of the Church, but they sure do love the egg rolls that accompany it all too.  In fact I heard endless choruses of "Did you get all the egg roll stuff?  Do we make the egg rolls on Saturday or Sunday?  When do we start making the egg rolls?" etc.
We have this operation down to a science I tell you.  I think we even made them in record time: 1hr 20 min.
Madelyn's prepping the carrots above, Drew is the food processor manager....which I am getting more comfortable with as he gets more and more practice.  ;)
 Since we only make these things twice a year, to coincide with general conference, we take it to a crazy level.  Like, we quadruple the recipe......
 Here's our line-up of egg roll constructors.
 We wrap, roll, stuff, to the bitter end of 100 egg rolls.
 I love how Hannah wears her headbands ....
 Claire is doing her part, which is just being a happy camper eating cheerios.
 Excited to sink our teeth into that deep fried goodness!  
Then we usually take the rest of the day pretty low key because we are all stuffed sick....but happy.  :)

Drew is starting to get into fly tying, here are his first attempts that he made while listening:
 Saturday morning we made a delicious brunch to eat while listening to conference too.  When our kids were younger, we drove up into the mountains while we listened to conference so we could get them to sleep while we listened.  Nowadays I guess we just stuff our mouths to get it quiet enough to hear!!
I must say I LOVE conference weekends.  They are a highlight of my year.  I love listening to the counsel we receive from inspired leaders.  My prayers with some concerns that have been heavily on my mind were answered during that wonderful conference.  I know Heavenly Father hears my prayers and now I just need to internalize the counsel and impressions I received to hopefully help me become who I am supposed to be.  
Some of my favorites were:
"We are daughters of our Heavenly Father" by Elaine S. Dalton
"Lord, I Believe" by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
"Being Accepted of the Lord" by Elder Eric W. Kopischke
You can get them all and more wonderful talks HERE.

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