Friday, April 19, 2013

Birthday Time...

We had a birthday around here last week.  Drew turned 9 years old, which is crazy....that's half way to a mission.  And that thought is a little too much for my little mind to handle! 
Drew really didn't know what he wanted for his birthday, and even told me he would be happy if he didn't get anything.  Jed was in charge of gift buying this time....which was different.
 His gifts were laid out for the morning...
 I love that I can say "You're the greatest son we've ever had" to Drew.  :)

 A new fly fishing pole.

 That little Lily is just eyeing the birthday treats...
 The girls and I went to Drew's school to take him to lunch and brought him some birthday treats for him to share with his classmates.  It was a real honor for Hannah to handle them.  
P.S. check out the outfit that Lily chose for Hannah to wear to lunch!  Lots of good patterned prints put together!
Out to lunch with mom, and the little girlies.  I love our birthday lunches...

A little mischief just because I didn't have a lot to clean up that day..... hahaha....
What am I going to do with another mess maker around here?!
The cake...the one that was dreamed up 6 months ago by Drew....
kisses on the door....
Lily got into the leftovers of the cupcakes from school...
We had to wait to eat the cake until Saturday because Jed had a campout that he was able to take 
Drew to.  And Drew thought that was pretty much the awesomest thing and had a ball playing steal the flag and telling everyone jokes around the campfire, or so I hear.
It was a pretty lonely night without the birthday boy and his dad.
So we surprised him Saturday with the cake and birthday signs designed by Madelyn.
We had a little trouble keeping a certain "mouse" out of the cake, so Drew wrote a sign to place under the cake....not that this certain "mouse" can read.  :)  It is quite fuzzy, but it says:  "Please don't touch!!! if you do you will get a wippin!!  I'm serious!!"
He's pretty protective of that birthday cake!
We celebrated with our family and grandparents and uncle Troy that night.

We're so lucky to have this boy in our family.
Nine reasons I love Drew so very much:
1-He has a heart of gold.  He does his best to choose the right.
2-He works for what he wants.  
3-He's quite grateful and content. 
4-He is a great big brother.  His little sisters love him so so much!  He sure watches out for them too.
5-He just really "gets" spiritual things.
6-He thinks I'm funny.  It is so fun to have older kids because now we have a bunch of inside jokes that we laugh about. 
7-He does things without being asked.
8-He is sensitive to others' feelings.
9-He is a good builder and has a scientific mind.
Happy Birthday Drew!
We love you!!
Hope that birthday wish comes true!!

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