Sunday, December 2, 2012

Time Warp...

 Oh my....I cannot believe how time is flying by.  Especially when it comes to how fast my baby girl is growing!!  She is now 6 months old, and I am aghast at the thought of how much time has passed since she was born. 
 And I cannot get enough of my sweet little baby girl.
 This sweet little Claire is such a pleasant little girl.
So happy and willing to give smiles any time.
She is such a bright spot in our family.
 I love those sweet little chubby cheeks, those pudgy little fingers, and squishy baby feet.
 She loves to be sung to, loves anything that makes a crinkly noise, and absolutely loves attention.
 I love that she loves her mama.  Jed and I went on our first date without her by our side last night, and when I came to pick her up she just turned right towards me and reached out to me.  Then she just put her face right next to mine and grabbed my hair and held it to her.  Heart melter..... 
So many people comment to me, "I'm so glad we're out of that stage with our kids."  
Not me.  I love baby stage.  I love having a baby on my hip.  I love cuddling those sweet little bundles, she hardly even lets me cuddle her anymore...
But I just have to say, I love it.
(And yes I must admit that this stage of baby-ness is much easier than her colicky stage....colic is not my favorite part of babyhood)
 I love her smile!!!  It brightens everyone around her.
 I love cute little baby mischief.  We all think its funny.

 Too funny and cute.
 I am just smitten by this little baby.
Claire is still in her little baby crib in our room!!  Half because I can't bear the fact that it is past time for her to move out, and half because I just can't trust her in the other room with my other mischievous little girls....
I love how she just seems ready to party with us at night time...
So, yes, I am doing my best to savor and drink up every ounce of this cute baby stage.  It goes all too quickly, and it seems to leave faster with each child. 

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  1. She is such a cutie! It was fun to see you last night, sorry I was in the middle of trying to find Tyler! And yes, we should get together soon. It has been too long!