Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Giving Thanks...

My children are not holding up toilet paper......

They are actually holding up our "Gratitude List" that we worked on for the month of November.

We got pretty far on that thing!  We came up with 166 things that we are grateful for; I think we far surpassed the numbers of our previous year's list.  
Some of the items did get pretty creative....and I'm glad.  I'm glad that my children are able to think out of the box a little and recognize even some of the very smallest things are such a blessing in our lives.
I love reflecting on our blessings.  Man do we ever have a lot of them.  There is so much to be grateful for.  I've been doing my best to continue this practice each night as I go to bed.  There are blessings in the toughest of days if you just dig a little.  ;)
For a follow-up Family Home Evening, we discussed what our top ten would be.  
Here's a few of mine:
1.  Jesus Christ and the atonement.  I'm so grateful that there is hope for me.  I'm so grateful that despite my seemingly permanent bad habits, forgiveness is available and there is still hope that I can change and become a better person.  I'm so grateful for the love of the Savior.  I know He loves me.
2.  A loving Heavenly Father.  I know that my life is in the hands of One who knows better than I.  I know God knows me individually, and He knows what is best for me.  I hope I can always have the faith to follow His will for me.
3.  A wonderful husband.  Very very grateful in fact.  He is my best friend.  We are so alike in the things that we feel really matter.  Yet, we are so different in so many ways at the same time, and boy is that a good thing!  I hope that many of his qualities will rub off on me! 
4.  Being a mom.  I know there are reasons for the direction our lives take.  We each learn certain lessons in life for a reason.  I know that raising a family was in Heavenly Father's design for me, and I'm extremely humbled and grateful for it. 
5. My children.  They have each come with different traits, personalities, and talents.  I'm grateful for each of them and what they bring to our home.  They teach me so much. I sure do love them.
I could keep going on and on about these blessings and write more about others.....but I don't want things to get too mooshy, so I will keep it concise.... :)
I love having a heart full of thanks to lead me right into the Christmas season.

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