Friday, December 14, 2012

Art Roundup...

I wish I could keep every little piece of creativity that flows from these children of mine.....but alas I do not own a home that can be filled entirely with notes, pictures,etc.  Therefore, I take pictures of a lot of what they produce.
Drew has always had a knack for coloring and art.  He is a perfectionist, kind of like his mom...  
Madelyn is starting to get really into art.  She loves drawing princesses and playing little art games like "tell me what to draw." 
This is a bit fuzzy, but it is a cute little picture Drew drew.....hahaha.  I think it's name is "Pookie." 
Hannah is getting into it too, especially since she got a lot of art supplies for her birthday.
Here are some of Hannah's preschool projects, and Lily's as well, since when I teach preschool at our house she gets to join in!
I thought these were cute...I just like to hear what comes from them.  Like "blankies" and "2 blankies."
They kind of leaned on each other for ideas too....juice and blankets.....
They sure love doing projects!

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