Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In front of the camera....

Being the official family photographer, not a professional term in my case by any means, I rarely am in the front lines of camera action.  But recently, my children have taken more of an interest in that little device of mine and tried their hand at capturing moments.  They may not be flattering works of art, but they capture beautiful moments shared by me and the little ones I love so very dearly.
They capture us.  They capture my adventures as a mother.  They capture the love we share.  They capture  the relationships we have.  
To me they are priceless.
One of my little girls favorite pastimes is doing my hair.  It is fun for all of us.
Also, all of the girlies wanted their own Harry Potter scar....
 One night we laid by the Christmas tree together in our blankets and told stories.  Not any stories....silly stories.  We were all laughing as I told a random silly story about a dancing pickled egg.  I love that we remember that story with such fondness and I think it will make us laugh for many days to come....
 Playing together.
 Snuggling first thing in the morning.
 It's too early in the morning for Lily to be happy about whomever was behind the camera's idea it was to zoom in a little closer....
 This may just be my favorite.  Baby kiss from my little baby sweetheart.
Here we are together after sharing a night of fun with our little family.
I love my children.  I hope when they see these pictures like these, they get the slightest inkling of how much their mom loves them. 

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