Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We did it!!

 A couple of weeks ago we did something monumental as a family:  we finished the Book of Mormon together!  After years of reading board book scriptures, then the next step up of scripture stories, we finally read the real thing from front to back!  We knew we would have to do something monumental to celebrate.  We all went out for pizza, bowling, and glow golf.
 We don't do that sort of thing all that often so it was a real treat.   And, oh my goodness, I thought those little bowling shoes were too adorable.
 We had a really fun time together.

Oh yeah, cosmic bowling.  Things started to get really exciting....
I think Hannah won out of everyone.  
It really was fun.  And after the tragedy that happened across the nation that day, it sure did feel good to be together.
Lily playing glow golf.
 This is actually more what she really looked like.

Lily's heart was torn when the last hole took her ball and the game was over....  :(
 The fam.
My big baby girl standing....with help of course.  But nonetheless, she looks so big!
Anyway, the kids are kind of interested in what kind of celebration we'll have after we we finish the bible.....   :)

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