Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy September!

I love September.  I think September 1st should be a holiday.  Ask any member of my family and they will tell you I'm always braggin on this month.  It's nearly better than Christmas!  Why?
*The weather is perfect.
*The sunlight is golden and it is so beautiful.
*I can have my blinds open and bathe my house in warm sunlight.
*We can play outside at any time of the day and we don't die of heat exhaustion.
*It is a new start:  new schedules, new clothes...atleast for my kids, new crayons....no more itty bits that I end up vacuuming or sweeping up because they drive me crazy, new goals. 
*I'm excited about new menu items: baked goods, soups, pumpkin deliciousness, etc.
*The leaves start changing.
*The weather and feel of this month just brings back happy memories.
*And it might help that it is my birthday month.  But, really, I'm not sure if that has anything to do with how much I love September!

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  1. Me too! I miss miss miss fall. It does not really exist here! Endless sunshine--it floats a lot of people's boats but I love the slightly crisp air that means apples are ripe and sweaters are necessary! I love sweaters!
    I miss my sister more than the fall though!