Friday, August 31, 2012

Temple Walk

 Last week, we were all awakened at 5:30 AM with instructions to get dressed in our church clothes and to be as reverent as possible.  We listened to primary songs in the car and drove to the temple--while it was still black outside.
 We tried to be reverent as we walked around the beautiful temple grounds together and soaked in the special spirit you can feel even outside its walls.
 We sat all together and listened to Jed give us a devotional and ended with each of us bearing our testimonies.  It was a special morning and I hope some of what we learned will take root in the hearts of our children to know how very special the temple is. 
The sky lightened considerably when we had finished and we headed home to have muffins and juice on the porch.  And as we drove we saw the brilliant orange sun rise above the mountains. 
A wonderful morning indeed.

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