Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fake Baby

 When little miss Claire was overdue I was originally scheduled to be induced on a Friday.  So the house was cleaned, kids were packed, everything was ready, and we were off to grandmas.  We dropped the children off, and were a little early for our appointment, so we ran an errand on our way.  While we were there, I received a call from my doctors secretary informing us that the doctor had an emergency and could not induce after all that day.  After the initial shock and disappointment and contentment set in, we decided we couldn't show up empty handed to go pick up our kids!  So we constructed this fruit baby.
They were a little confused!  Especially the little ones....this baby was actually fruit?!  Then they figured out, with my prominent belly, that it was not the real baby.  The bigger kids just thought it was silly.  They did think it was a little strange when we went to eat the watermelon....a little too close to cannibalism!

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