Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lily turns 2!!

 This isn't exactly new news.  Lily has been 2 for nearly 3 months!!  Exactly one week after Claire was born, it was Lily's birthday!  Her siblings wrapped up several presents for her to open that morning and she was thrilled to death about the recycled toys!!   It was so cute!  ( I don't have the best pictures...I had precious few shots left on my card).
 Grandparents on both sides came to celebrate, and we had a neighbor of ours drop a dinner off at our house unexpectedly.  Which, in fact was a blessing, since I was so newly recovering from a baby it was about all I had to make this special cake for my little girl.  Dinner?  What?  Yep, didn't quite make it that far, so our neighbor miraculously came to our rescue.  We ended up having something nourishing before we dug into this:
Here's two long reasons I love Lily SOO much:
1-  She is one happy girl and can light up a room.  She is so cute with her little mannerisms like almost closing her eyes when she says things in a certain way, or the way she opens them wide up when you ask her something.  It is so hard to capture those looks with words, but hopefully I can remember them with my sad description.  She is silly and has a fun sense of humor.  And I love how after she is put down for bed in her crib, she will call out "night night mom,"  and "night night daddy."  She kind of is a daddy's girl too and that is pretty fun to watch--her dad sure loves it.
2-  She loves to have me play with her.  She will call for me "Mommy mon!"  (She said it just now actually wanting me to get her baby "Rella" like she sees in these pictures).  I love to play with her too and she seems to have a long playing attention span for this age.  She played pirates with me yesterday for about 45 minutes!
We love this sweet little girl so so much. 

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  1. Happy Birthday to that sweet girl! Can't wait to see her!