Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Poor little tikes...

 So, this weekend we had our ward campout.  It was at a lush campground in the middle of the dry desert.  We had a delicious dinner, played a bit of card games, the kids played with their friends, the bishop's son dressed up as Sasquatch and scared the kids to death after dark, and we sang camp songs as a ward.  Then we got ourselves all set up in the camper...the kids aren't always allowed to sleep up on the big bunk in the camper because I can't sleep....worried someone will fall off.  So we had Madelyn and Lily situated on their on couch/bed and Drew and Hannah opted to sleep on the floor.  Twice in the night Lily woke me up with her screams of "owie!!!"....she had fallen off the bed.  The first time I just put her back on her bed, then the second time --I learned and just put her on the floor.
We didn't think much of it until the next morning--she was in extreme pain.  I tried to change her out of her pajamas and it was a struggle.  A chiropractor in our ward gave her a look and didn't think anything was broken....maybe a bruised sternum.  But, by Monday night I knew that wasn't it.  She was in such a fragile condition, not wanting to be picked up under her arms, and hardly using her left arm.  So after Jed got home from work Monday, I zipped off to the doctor with my little girl and got her an x-ray.  The result:  a chipped clavicle....or collar bone.  So they prescribed wearing this sling for a week or so, and hopefully we're good to go.  I think she looks pretty darn cute in that thing!  But the poor girl is hurting pretty bad.  Drew and Madelyn are a little envious of the whole sling bit, which makes me smile because I remember wanting a cast or glasses or anything of that sort when I was younger too!
Not only did Lily get hurt, but Hannah was enjoying herself playing in some dirt with her buddies.  One of her buddies threw a rock at her arm.  She came and told me about it, I simply told her to tell her friend not to throw rocks.  So off she went to play again.  And not but a couple minutes later I hear piercing screams from Hannah.  Her friend had upgraded to a larger rock, chucked it, and hit her in the back of the head.  Her poor little head was bleeding and swelling.  We cleaned ourselves up and the cut didn't look too deep or large to need stitches, so we were glad about that.
Lastly, we went on a moderate hike as a ward.  Jed was on a 4-wheeler ride with Lily and Hannah--so I was carrying Claire and took the big kids with me on the hike.  Upon our descent from our destination, I saw Madelyn down in the distance getting medical care for scraped up knees and then getting a piggyback ride down the mountain. Sheesh!!
Luckily, I was guarding Claire with my life and Drew lucked out and didn't have any medical issues whatsoever.  Ahhhhh, growing pains!!

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