Thursday, September 13, 2012

A small change

With the new school year, I have made a few goals and made a few changes.  But there is one small change around here that I am really loving.  I have temporarily retired from teaching private violin lessons.  I just felt like after having two of my children gone all day, they needed me.  Not just there, but really "with" them.  I was always available after school to talk before, but after that it was "lets hurry and pick up!  My students are coming" or "Go downstairs and get your reading while I teach," but now it is so much more laid back but structured at the same time.  We're not really all that far into the school year, but my children know they come home and there is a snack and they can talk to me as long as they want.   I feel so liberated and free!  My kids have me all to themselves.  And that feels good.


  1. Love that! I have one student and won't take any more. It is sometimes hard to say no though. It just feels like even if you have only one student that day that little half hour dictates everything!

  2. Hey Jeannette, thanks for the birthday wish. Happy Birthday to you too! I can't believe we're this old. :)

    I hope you have a fantastic day!