Tuesday, September 25, 2012

lava rock campout

Last weekend we headed out for an adventure as a family to the lava rocks for a campout.  There was not the regular lush scenery as you would normally envision with a camping trip, but definitely its own style of beauty.  And we were completely alone in this wilderness and it was very dark.  But the sunset could not be beat: 
 We roasted marshmallows and sang songs around the fire.  It was really so much fun!!  Lily kept us laughing with how much she loved to sing the primary song "I love to sing."  It was so very cute.  We sang rounds and all sorts of primary songs and had a great time.  We settled in the camper and unwound with Toy Story and some popcorn.
 This campout really was a remarkable in the way that there was no major meltdowns on anyone's part, not much fighting, and no one getting into trouble.  With all of those things combined it sure makes for a great trip!!
Lily is a major fan of all things motorcyclish.  She would hardly let anyone else have a ride.
 Some entertainment while everyone else was on a ride:
 Here is Lily going for a ride in the go-kart.
 Let's get a better look at those big beautiful eyes under that helmet.  And let's get a better look at how she put on her helmet...  :)
 It was a pretty fun place to zip around on motorcycles and stuff.  I even brushed the dust off my motorcycle and rode around and had a good time!  Drew thought it was fun to ride around together....we are kind of at the same level.  :)
 After some rides we took off on a different style of hike:
 We hiked the loop around this lava field. 
 We had sporadic geology lessons by Jed as we hiked around.  Jed and I both have an interest in geology.  I put off taking any science courses in college to the veeeerrry end, and then discovered I loved both of the science classes I took: geology and human biology.  Who knew?!
 It was very dry and hot.....in fact Jed and his brothers went for a motorcycle ride here a week before our trip and it was one to remember I guess.  Something involving ditching motorcyles, running out of water, throwing up, etc. 
 Miss Claire is always a trooper on hikes.
Here are the kids taking some respite in some sparse shade.
 I liked the looks of this tree: 
  All in all, a very fun campout.
Lily helped pack up the camper.  Just makin sure our oven doesn't go anywhere.  :)
 Madelyn likes to ride motorcycles this way.  Stationary.
 It has been so much fun to take these weekend excursions with our family and I hope we can squeeze in atleast one more!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! You are having amazing adventures with those cuties!!