Friday, September 7, 2012

the BIG day

 The Back to School Festivities began with a Back to School dinner party. 
 Everyone had a special note from mom on their plates.  Then we dug into some delicious food.  Everyone shared a little "speech" of their favorite memories/activities from summer.  Oh how I will miss summer.
But oh how I welcome schedules and routine!!  (even with my best efforts to have routine in the summertime.....just doesn't happen.  I guess I'm the only one who thrives on schedules!)
 Before the bus...  Thankfully they are not very first on the route this year.  I've been able to do Madelyn's hair in the bathroom instead of at the breakfast table while she is eating!  Yay.
 Hooray for School!!
 Pose of choice....yep that is Madelyn picking her nose.  I used to pose like that all the time in H.S......haha.  Except not with a smiling face, more like a you caught me red-handed face.
 Another pose of choice....
 Waiting for that bus.
 This is how Hannah waits for the bus.
 This is how Lily and Dad wait for the bus.
This is how Lily wants to join them at the bus stop, but can't.  Then proceeds to throw a full blown fit (20 minutes to be exact) when her Dad goes to work.
 We always have rice krispy treats on the first day of school for an after school snack chat.  Well, I put the marshmallows and butter on, then got distracted with how I wanted to mix in some crushed M&M's in with the cereal.  I didn't realize peanut M&M's would be so difficult to chop and I totally forgot to check the stove!  Panic!  I was out of marshmallows, so I scooped out the freshest mallows I could, and left that gooey icky mess of marshmallow in the pot.  Luckily, kids are used to the flavor of roasted/burnt marshmallow so I could get away with calling these M&M s'more rice krispy treats. 
And they went over just fine:

While we talk and catch up I am busy signing permission slips and glancing over classroom rules and expectations.
The first day went great and they are enjoying school so far!!

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  1. I love all the fun pictures of your little cuties!