Friday, September 21, 2012

Summertime Activities

 Summer flew by quickly, and I was too busy living life to record it.  So I'm going to nip it in the bud right here and throw up a gigantic post of summer activities.  First up, the fourth of July.  Jed and Drew were fishing and missed out on our berry breakfast, so I made it for the girls.
We had a BBQ at my parents then went to the fireworks with just our family.  Our seats were awesome and I fed Claire the whole time....because that was during her screamy stage and that was the only way people could tolerate us being around!!
 Then we had soccer.  Drew had a fun time with soccer this year.  It seems like it was
ages ago! 
 The soccer competition is getting a little more stiff nowadays.  There were some aggressive players on Drew's team that were pretty darn good!
 The girls entertained themselves at the games.
 They picked flowers.
 And they made new friends.
 We attended the opening ceremonies of the International Folk Dance Festival.  It was something that my family did every year growing up.  It was so fun to relive those memories, but with my own family. 
 It is practically the exact same.

 I always used to love watching these balloons fly away into the distance!

 It brought back those familiar feelings of unity despite cultural differences.  I love it.  
 The kids earned carousel rides through the reading program.
 When given the choice of anything, Hannah will always choose blue.
 Drew chose an airplane ride instead.
 We spent a couple days at the lake this summer.  I didn't get any actual pictures at the lake....but here is Claire in her swimsuit.....
One of those days at the lake was spent with my old roommates from college.  It was so fun to catch up and see each other.
 Drew worked on some big building projects.  He is quite the architect.
 This roller coaster is nearly taller than me, and it really works!!  Pretty awesome.
 Of course we had to spend some days at the splash park.
 Lily was so cute in her little sling.

 And Lily made a lot of mischief.
 She is one messy girl.  She even painted our carpet blue, luckily it was just water colors!
Some other fun things we did, that I did not get any pictures of were:
  • Bear World with Grandma.  We saw so many bears!!  We were lucky enough to be right behind the feeding truck and just watched all of those bears come out of the woodwork.  They would just sit on their bottoms on the road and wave their paws for food.  It was absolutely cute!!  When they act that way, it is so hard to believe they are actually wild and dangerous animals!  (yet of course I do believe it).  We all got to ride on their amusement rides too.  Claire rode her first roller coaster at one month!  Dare devil!  I thought my kids would never let us leave!  It was so much fun!
  • We went to the museum and learned about King Tut and ate free sandwiches there.  The kids got pretty spooked out by the mummy.  It was kind of gross I must admit.
  • We also went to a Chukars game and ate hot dogs, pop, and junk food.  In true American baseball fashion.
  • Watched the Olympics together.  We mostly enjoyed the gymnastics--my all-time favorite.  I practically lived in my swimsuit as a child, always pretending to be a gymnast.  My kids and I would watch the events, then during the commercials we would do our own Olympic challenges like push-ups, the wall sit, jumping jacks, etc.  Nothing like the Olympics to inspire physical exertion.
  • Lots of campouts and hiking, which I will write more about later.
Oh, it makes me miss summer already!!

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