Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I have a lot of catch up to do...as always.  We went fishing to a beautiful nearby place on a Friday night.  It was the perfect night.  The weather was warm and nice and our fishing spot had a little bit of a hike to get in--which I am always in favor of--and it turned out to be such a nice low key night.
 We saw geese with their baby goslings, so very very cute!
 There was a lot to keep the little ones busy.  They liked picking up different colored shot gun shells--this place was also a popular duck hunting spot. There were cactuses and ant hills.... 

 ....and of course fishing.  Though we weren't fully equipped that night with worms, we did our best with some fake ones.  We had no success with the actual fishing, but it was just a fun place and a beautiful night that no one even cared!

 I had to get a picture of Hannah's backside.  Yep, those pants are clearly on backwards.  And did this mom care to fix it?  Nope!  Some things just don't matter to me so much any more. 

And to top it all off, we got to see a bald eagle fly right past us.  My timing in taking the picture wasn't so great....but you get the idea.  
I love nights like this.

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