Friday, May 4, 2012

One Great Day.

 Drew's baptism day was so wonderful!  
 Drew is one special little guy.  He had a great interview with the Bishop, where the bishop gave him compliments on his preparation.  I'm so lucky to be the mother of such a wonderful boy.  He is so much better than me in so many ways.  I learn so much from him and his goodness.  His parents/sisters are the luckiest  in the world! 
His baptismal service started at 8:30 AM--good thing I got everything ready before hand--so it wouldn't conflict with the democratic caucuses held that day.  The service went well; it was a humongous stake baptism--15 baptismal candidates. I was asked to speak on baptism, and I was pretty happy about that.  I felt like I was the lucky one, really, because it helped the baptism service feel more personal to us.  So even though my nerves don't agree--I was grateful for the opportunity. 
We had a lot of support for family which we are always grateful for.  It really turned out to be such a wonderful day.  I was just filled to the brim with love for my little family.  It was one of the greatest mother moments I've had--to witness the baptism of one of my own children.  Not only that, but to see my wonderful husband able to perform the ordinance--it was a wonderful spiritual experience. 
After much patience and singing and waiting, the family was able to meet at our house for lunch.  The kids and I worked hard on lots of desserts the day before--Drew is showing the sugar cookie "8"'s and "D"'s we made.  Kind of fun.

Here are some pictures my brother-in-law Steve took for me at the lunch:

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  1. It looks like it went swimmingly! Ha! We love you guys and so wish we could have been there--glad to see more familiar faces there!Love you guys!