Monday, May 7, 2012

New Stuff

 Seems like we have a few "new" things going on around here.  Drew has become a part of scouts, and I love to see him in that cute little uniform!  He loves it and has pretty much waited all his life to be a part of scouts--that's what you get when you have a dad who has pretty much always been involved in scouts!  He earned his bobcat already and got it at his first pack meeting. He is diligently working toward his wolf and it is fun to see him learn and grown and try new things.
 Earlier in the year, my brother Jeff gave our family this little violin.  Madelyn has pretty much begged to start on it ever since.  The trouble is it is still a little too big....  but I finally consented to start her (not bad to let the anticipation build up until they seriously want a go at it I think).  I had told her I would start in the summer since I am not taking students then, but I had a student not show up, and decided it is close enough to summer.  She ate it all up.  She loves it so far.  Every time she picks it up she is very careful to get the bow hold right and use correct position.  Yay! 
 I know it won't last forever, but so far she is the one who is asking me if she can practice.  Love that too.  That's one of the drawbacks of starting an instrument too early, in my opinion, is that it is almost always the parents coercing their children to practice and the children end up hating it before they were old enough to give it a real chance.
So for now, it is going smoothly and she is really loving it.  And I can't help but think it is pretty darn cute too!!
 Hannah, Lily, and I have been trying some new things too.
 These bubbles in a bowl were a hit.
 Can you tell?
Lily sometimes didn't understand that you are supposed to only blow out......not suck in.  She didn't seem to mind the nasty taste and managed to blow up some major bubbles.
And in the end I had a sparkling clean table...not bad.

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  1. Very fun. I love the bubbles--we will have to try it!