Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend trip

A few weeks ago, we stocked up the camper and headed to Swan Valley for a quiet little camping weekend with just us.  We had a lot of fun.  It was quite the adventure as there was quite a bit of raining with intermittent dry spells.  Luckily, the weather cooperated so we had just enough outside time for the essentials...like roasting hot dogs and smores.  Drew built the fire himself, and I just helped him catch the logs on fire.  He did a great job, what a scout!
Warming up by the fire.
Our littlest camper.
We managed to roast a few smores, then opted to microwave the rest because the rain got heavier.... :)
Jed cooked us his signature mountain man hash for breakfast. 
Drew took the motorcycle out for quite a ride.  He was out there in the very chilly morning riding by himself, then following Jed and the girls in the go-kart.
They had a good ride and were quite ready to warm up when they were finished.
As everyone else was out and about riding, I took myself out on a nice quiet walk.  It was wonderful and everything was so beautiful, green, and fresh from the rain.  It was a good time for me to enjoy some nature and alone time.

Jed gave Madelyn her first lessons on the motorcycle, which ended up in an unexpected wheelie with some tears.  So he took her on a ride and that seemed to remedy any fearful feelings.  We'll try again another time....
Lily loves this top bunk, but she gives me a heart attack constantly when she is up there because she just loves to live on the edge!
Madelyn picked these pretty flowers for me and did a nice floral arrangement with them.  :)  I get flowers all the time from my little girls! 
It was a great camping trip and SO nice to just get away and enjoy our family being together.


  1. So much fun--I wish we could come share some good times!! I take it no new baby yet. We can't wait for that new little arrival!

  2. Every time my dad tried to teach me to ride a motorcycle it ended in a wheelie and tears :) haha! Same with Reed teaching me, not a lot has changed.