Monday, May 7, 2012

Last of the Birthday Stuff...

 A week after Drew's birthday, we celebrated it once again...this time with his friends!  Drew wanted a dragon themed party.  So we made invitations, sindged the edges, and sealed them with wax. 
I didn't take a ton of pictures, it was a pretty go go go party and I pretty much was always soothing a whiny or crying child there was not much time for cameras. 
The party went like this:
As everyone arrived they decorated a paper bag (to hold all their party favors) with dragons.
Then the boys played dragon tail tag--they all held hands and the person at the end of the line tried to chase and tag the person at the start of the line. 
Then they made swords with cardboard and covered them with tin foil.
Then they went on a serious treasure hunt from Sir Lancelot.  Jed made the hunt and it was way more serious, detailed, boyish than anything I could have come up with.  The boys got to even dig in one of our dirt mountains at the end for the treasure. 

 Searching for clues...
 There they are at the dirt pile digging the treasure out.
Here they are divvying out the loot.  They were all pretty fair, I was impressed.  Everyone would choose 5 things at a time, until the loot was gone.
Then they got dragon food to calm any dragon they might run into--swedish fish and dragon eggs also--giant jelly beans I found at WinCo. 
 Then they had dragon scale pizza and dragon blood punch for lunch.
It was all topped off with presents at the end.  Hannah thought this party was for her the whole time...and she was pretty hard to negotiate with.  She was throwing a fit for the majority of the party.  :)
I think they had fun, it was fun planning it with Drew.  I think he celebrated this birthday to the max......  :)

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  1. Are you not having a baby? That Drew (who is amazing and you are a lucky mom) is also quite lucky to have you for a mom!!