Monday, June 25, 2012

Our little one is here!

So, yes we have had our baby!!!  Let's just say that blogging has not been top priority and trying to maintain sanity has been!  :)  Unfortunately, my camera is not communicating with my computer and it won't let me load my pictures!!  I will definitely get some on here when I can figure things out... Our little Claire Kathleen was born June 4th at 8 lb 13 oz and 21 inches long.  (A word of caution:  this is going to be a big post, but I like to remember details, so continue at your own risk!)  Awaiting her arrival was quite eventful.  About a week and a half before she was due, we were headed up to Swan Valley for a scout campout when I started having regular contractions at 7 minutes apart the whole drive there.  They were significant in the moderate pain department so Jed and I laughed as we imagined the possibilities......He was to conduct sacrament meeting on Sunday, and conduct a couple meetings and was in charge of the Eagle Court of Honor that night, plus the other counselor was out of town (poor bishop)--not to mention we'd have to leave the campout.  Then nothing.  I had been measuring a week ahead of time for a couple weeks so that kind of got us thinking about the possibility of an early arrival--I should never do that!!  Jed was working out of town during the week leading up to my due date and so it drove my stress level up a notch or two every time he would leave....just so many "what-ifs" your dealing with when awaiting a baby!!  I'm sure Heavenly Father was rather confused with me, hearing me pray to have a baby...then praying to not have a baby when Jed was gone!  Jed was out of town a couple of days past my due date, and I was starting to be so nervous about having to admit myself into the hospital and answer all of those questions during hard labor......
     Anyway, I learned some valuable lessons about Heavenly Father being in charge and trusting in Him and His timing. The Dr. scheduled me to be induced a few days after my due date (not something I really wanted to do) and I asked him if I we could delay a little.  He consented to let me push it back one day, Friday.  I had not felt settled about going in on Thursday, but for some reason Friday felt good, even though my ideal was to wait until Monday.  Friday came and we dropped the kids off at grandmas, and were headed to the hospital.  We stopped by one store on the way to the hospital and as we were about ready to leave, we got a phone call from the Dr.'s office saying the Dr. had an emergency and couldn't induce that day.  What a relief/disappointment.  It's hard to get hopes up and get crushed, yet at the same time that is what I wanted to do was wait until Monday anyway.  I saw it as a blessing and knew Heavenly Father was in charge.  Then I would be one week late and I was sure the baby would come on her own!  It was so confusing to the kids to have us come back with no baby!
      The baby did not come on her own, and I was so nervous to be induced.  I like to have babies naturally and I have heard so many horror stories about pitocin cranking up the pain.  Everything ended up going wonderfully and I didn't get an epidural.  They started me just with a little pitocin and only raised the amount three times.  The doctor broke my water a couple of hours after I was started and things just took off.  When I was to a 7 they called the doctor and it was a good thing they did.  I kept telling Jed I didn't know if I could wait, but luckily, he got there just in time and was actually holding the baby's head while reaching for some supplies....just in the knick of time I guess.  With one push she was out!  And boy does that girl have some good lungs.  She just cried and cried until they gave her to me and when I started talking to her she quieted down--so sweet!!  She is such a little beauty and we love her so much!!!


  1. So sweet! I so wish I was there to hold that little cutie!

  2. Congratulations!!!! I can't wait to see some pics!!