Thursday, March 31, 2011

A week in review

Jed has been gone this week. This week has seemed like an eternity. I will review the happenings of this week:

  • Drew has had issues at school--has caused us some stress.

  • Bedtimes have been extremely rough. I think teething may be the culprit?

  • Tuesday I about had a major breakdown as a result of an extremely hectic day: violin lessons, visiting teaching, issues at school, disobedience, babysitter or no babysitter, mutual, being disrupted in my sleep by a waking baby who wanted to eat all night long, and no dinner until 10:00, etc. Just one of those days that come every once in awhile.

  • At our Stake Standards night it was announced over the pulpit: "There is a Red Durango with its lights on." It felt like they kept announcing it over and over, like they were waiting for someone to fess up. I just smiled and the girls around me caught on. It would have been fine if I had been sitting in the back of the chapel. But I was in the front. So I waited until the opening song and tried to slip away unnoticed, but there were looks and smiles from just about every person in our ward as I walked out of the chapel! My face was red...

  • Wednesday, no issues at school! We had a party together, went and picked up a pizza. I got to the car and couldn't find my wallet. Yes, that's me again...I left it on the counter inside. Oh boy.... Atleast I realized it was missing before we left.

  • You know the spider talks we have been having? Just had one this morning, convincing Drew there isn't a spider as big as a lobster in his bedroom. Just after that I say, "Drew hold still!" There was, in fact, a small spider on his shirt!!!! AHHHH! I cannot have spiderphobia this early in the year, it is not good for me. Or the kids.

  • Went grocery shopping earlier in the week. Got all the way through everything with the kids and.....check my purse for my debit card. Gone. Check book? Gone. Cash? ...not enough. All of the above left at home!!! Need to remember to put that stuff back in the purse whenever I take them out!! Borrowed a check from my very kind and understanding mother-in-law. Am able to take my hour+ devoted groceries home. ;)

  • Lily has developed the new cutest little quirk. She sticks her tongue out and moves it from one side of her lips to the other, back and forth, while making a noise. Very funny and cute. And she copies it any time I remind her of it, so fun!!

  • Had a painting party with Hannah and Madelyn. Madelyn was always very complimentary of Hannah's paintings. Cute.

  • The kids are keeping their bedrooms in better condition. Hallelujah!! Not without several reminders...but, baby steps.

That is just a taste of what has been happening at our place this week. There have been crazy times, but I'm always going to have those. It's all ok. I'm just grateful the weekend is nearing and it is going to be a GREAT one at that! I will have my best friend at my side, plus, General Conference here we come!! (Just a figure of speech, we are not actually going).


  1. Oh boy- sounds like you could use an afternoon of mac and cheese and conversation with ME! Hope this week is a little less eventful! Life is good here- just trying to keep up with the kids (impossible, but I'm trying). Babies are good and gestating is about all I get done every day! Much love!

  2. I'm so sorry, it seems like I have more of those days when Reed is gone. Jeannette, don't get a baby-sitter fot mutual, I will watch your kids! Reed leaves for Mutual, and we're never doing anything on Tuesday nights. You don't have to....but you guys should come over for dinner while Jed's gone. I will call you. Sounds like I'll probably be joining you (husbandless) for a lot longer than I thought.